How Do You Win More Bids?

I love the adage “If  you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it” by Peter Drucker. It’s an important message about defining what success means for your company. What is the difference between a winning and a losing bid? I wish the answer were as simple as just “pricing”. The…

How are we going to get through 2020?

The pandemic continues to change the construction economy in ways economists will be studying for decades. There is no silver bullet to solve worksite issues, all we have are people, process, and tools to solve the challenges of social distancing, supplier slowdowns, uncertain project schedules, a workforce susceptible to the…

Download the new eBook: Know When to Hire, When to Fire: Capacity Planning in Construction

Capacity planning is at the core of good project management; having the right resources scheduled at the right time can determine project success. Understanding your capacity needs will determine when you need to hire more people and when you may need to let them go.

Why does Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Matter in Construction?

Why you should care about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Construction Technology Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies are being used to create a wave of smarter construction technology products designed to improve productivity (reduce costs) and reduce risk improving profitability. The emerging wave of construction technologies…

5 Effective Ways of Managing and Motivating Your Construction Workers

Motivation is the key factor for generating higher production levels. A motivated workforce influences operational efficiency, especially in production-intensive industries like construction. The construction industry is fundamentally labor dependent, it’s essential to keep your team well-managed as well as maintain high levels of employee motivation. Listed below are 5 of…

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