How do you know your projects are profitable?

360° Financials

Real Time 360° Dashboards All the dashboards you need Track key project financial metrics in real time…

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Capacity Planning

Capacity Planning for Construction What is capacity planning? Determining what your business can handle. Capacity planning…

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Thinking Schedules

Create, Evolve, and Adapt Automatically With Assisted Scheduling What is a Thinking Schedule? Glad you asked.…

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CrewBuilder.io Creates Transparency and Automates Accountability and Profitability

We help construction companies become more profitable by helping them manage and connect projects by optimizing resource management with crew and cost management coupled with construction wearables.

What CrewBuilder Can Do For You

About US

CrewBuilder by TrenLot, Inc.

We made CrewBuilder.io to make your life easier and drive top line revenue.

TrenLot, Inc., the builders of CrewBuilder.io is a veteran owned company. www.crewbuilder.io is an enterprise SAAS platform offering an innovative and disruptive enterprise platform solutions for the construction industry that provides advantages in project life cycle, reducing costs by automating processes for transparency, accountability, and profitability. We drive Top-Line revenue for our customers!

We are a team of veteran start up professionals with years of experience in enterprise SaaS software business, design, development, IoT, data acquisition, analysis, AI/machine learning and predictive modeling. We build smart platforms that scale and grow consistently and predictively. We have the best construction advisers and mentors in the industry. Our focus is to drive top line revenue growth for our customers as well as real time effective project success tied to lifecycle KPI’s.

Our team is made of both a US Marine Corps and US Army 82nd Airborne Veteran leaders that are focused on building a company culture of diversity, accountability, and community. Our Technology leadership has over 12 years building innovative applications with a focus on UI/UX interfaces. We believe in creating a mission critical SaaS platform that provides real value in the complex and unique logistical challenges of construction life-cycle project success.

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