CrewBuilder Implementation Outline

The Bridge​ – In order for Crew Builder to serve and provide you with the most value possible, it’s important that as a group we all understand what the road ahead will look like.  Our onboarding process is broken down into 5 stages, each with a specific objective.  We view this process as building a bridge from point A (current results) to point B (optimized results).  Please take notes, ask questions and engage with us while we work to transition your employees into the Crew Builder experience.

1. Existing Process – ​This step requires us to get an in-depth understanding of the existing processes and procedures currently being utilized by your business.  It’s important that we understand your existing methodology so that we accurately translate your unique requirements into the CrewBuilder architecture. This is accomplished with a series of interviews and assessments.

2. Phase ​- The design phase is where we integrate your business with CrewBuilder. This is done through a series of implementations and adjustments to ensure that your CrewBuilder software has been successfully and strategically customized.  This process reduces onboarding time and improves implementation results. 

3. Team Dynamics – ​All the work we have done up to this point has been directed at the people driving your companies most important decisions and setting them up for success. In this stage we train the trainers and focus on context utility, making sure each division has a comprehensive understanding of the features they will be working with. 

4. Validating Key Metrics​ – Here we put the optimized Crew Builder software together with the Team Dynamic designs and measure utility with your key metrics. Realization occurs as the end-user begins to work differently based on the information they are receiving.  Observing these key metrics allows you to make continued adjustments needed to get maximum results from the CrewBuilder software. 

5. Implementation Wrap Up​ – We will run through a series of tests to capture any inefficiencies in either design or comprehension. Once your team has demonstrated a high level of adaptation, we will conclude our implementation program. 

The entire Crew Builder Implementation Program is designed to put your people first.   It’s our job to make sure your people understand and are excited to use CrewBuilder.