Work from Anywhere, Build from Anywhere with Omni-Channel Ability

Let Us Help You Work Smarter with the Right Tools in Real Time, be Reactive and in a Proactive Way!

Track your bids and projects over time to develop realistic expectations on costs and profitability. Understanding project and job performance enables you to create better bids and manage more profitable projects. Quickly identify issues that need to be fixed to improve quality and profitability.

Under the Hood

CrewBuilder.io by TrenLot is the only automated solution for the construction industry that optimizes productivity and management practices thru easy to use Field Friendly User Interface, Thinking Schedules, Real Time 360° Dashboards, PayBuilder rapid payments, and Capacity Planning.

Save Money

The increase in construction activity and complexity of each project is making it hard to find qualified help. Crewbuilder.io was created and designed to reduce costs by automating work order management and increasing communication reliability with automated measurement, verification, and validation.

Know Your Business

Automating workflow tracks time and costs giving you up to the minute project health status so you can react to problems before they happen—not adding to any financial surprises at the end of the month but driving real time intelligence decision making in the field and in the C-Suite.

Real-time Analytics

Watch your project health in real time. As soon as work orders are completed, they are validated and verified enabling the most up-to-date cost and completion data at your fingertips.

Predict Problems

Benefit from our predictive data structure for identifying areas that need attention. Crewbuilder.io enterprise SaaS platform solution enables a visual data analysis enabling you to easily correlate the health of your workflow to actual progress and life cycle of project.

Planned vs Actual

Don’t wait until the end of the month to find out one of your projects is over budget. Stay up to date on profitability with all your projects. Know the project is on track to profitable.