Intelligence Built For The Field

Smart Systems To Help You

There are a wide range of terms to describe artificial intelligence and machine learning. CrewBuilder uses these two technologies to assist you with managing your projects. A.I. provides simple functions so you don’t have to, such as making sure the resources you are scheduling have the right skills, capabilities, and credentials. We use machine learning to optimize schedules based on which resources you need, when, and where. In short, machine learning is the math that “runs the numbers” to find an optimal solution. In our case, it’s scheduling out resources for labor, equipment, materials, and subs. A thinking schedule is a tool to help make sure things don’t fall through the gap with automated processes, such as critical path analysis to warn you of potential scheduling issues—like how bad weather might delay a project.

How does it make life easier in the field?

Get it done.

Construction sites are controlled chaos. Field Friendly AI was designed from the field up to quickly answer questions from the field. Field workers can just ask CrewBot what they are supposed to do, and it tells them. You can simply talk or type your questions productively, get at the information they need to make informed decisions and get work done.

Welcome to CrewBuilder by TrenLot, Inc.
Welcome to CrewBuilder