CrewBuilder’s cloud estimating tool enables you to collaborate on estimates and opportunities from anywhere from any device. We are an Omni-channel enterprise SaaS Platform.


It’s now easier than ever to collaborate on estimates with CrewBuilder. True cloud based estimating means that you can access your estimates and collaborate with your team whenever and wherever you need to.

Cost Estimating Integration

Estimating with CrewBuilder uses the same resources you manage your operational projects with including labor, equipment, materials, and subcontractors. The same resource estimates can be used to create your project objectives and Schedule of Values when actively managing your project. This way you are always comparing actual to plan.

Custom Cost Models

Customize your resources for estimating with cost and pricing values tailored for your company or project. Customize labor types, crews, materials, equipment and subcontractor costs. Create custom assemblies that include any combination of resources tailored to how you perform work. Create additional cost estimates with expenses and fees.

Estimating ToDos

Create important lists of tasks you need to do with estimates in a collaborative environment. Its easy to make sure things get done with CrewBuilder cloud estimating.

Increase Estimate Accuracy

Automatically compare actual to plan

CrewBuilder is constantly comparing actual to plan with your resource estimates. This enables you to constantly check to see how accurate your resource cost estimates are. Adjust resource cost estimates on the fly to improve the accuracy of your estimates.