CrewBuilder by TrenLot, Inc. Selected by Shadow Ventures for Startup Spotlight

Please join us with Shadow Ventures for TrenLot’s Startup Showcase on May 7th at 3:00 PM Eastern (noon Pacific). The CrewBuilder solution will be showcased by Shadow Lab’s community. “We are thrilled to once again participate in the premier Construction Tech Community at Shadow Labs”, said Greg Howard, Co-founder at TrenLot, Inc. “Shadow Ventures is a valuable resource to TrenLot. Our participation in the Shadow Labs Community continues to be rewarding.”

Please join us on May 7th for the Startup Spotlight:

From Shadow Ventures:

Construction needs to move to the cloud – and TrenLot’s CrewBuilder done that. With making it easy to implement and increase project profit, what isn’t there to like? The labor shortage in construction is forcing companies to try and squeeze out every bit of labor they can out of their existing workforce. How can you make the most out of project management, business scaling, and more – all while wasting less time and resources? 1 answer – CrewBuilder.