How Do You Win More Bids?

I love the adage “If  you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it” by Peter Drucker. It’s an important message about defining what success means for your company. What is the difference between a winning and a losing bid? I wish the answer were as simple as just “pricing”. The…

How are we going to get through 2020?

The pandemic continues to change the construction economy in ways economists will be studying for decades. There is no silver bullet to solve worksite issues, all we have are people, process, and tools to solve the challenges of social distancing, supplier slowdowns, uncertain project schedules, a workforce susceptible to the…

Download the new eBook: Know When to Hire, When to Fire: Capacity Planning in Construction

Capacity planning is at the core of good project management; having the right resources scheduled at the right time can determine project success. Understanding your capacity needs will determine when you need to hire more people and when you may need to let them go.

CrewBuilder by TrenLot, Inc. Selected by Shadow Ventures for Startup Spotlight

Please join us with Shadow Ventures for TrenLot’s Startup Showcase on May 7th at 3:00 PM Eastern (noon Pacific). The CrewBuilder solution will be showcased by Shadow Lab’s community. “We are thrilled to once again participate in the premier Construction Tech Community at Shadow Labs”, said Greg Howard, Co-founder at…

Capacity Planning in Construction: How to balance your project pipeline and people

Capacity planning is at the core of good project management, having the right resources scheduled at the right time can make the difference between a profitable project and a loss. Keeping everything together is challenging, but it’s required to keep your projects and company profitable. By its definition capacity planning…

Does Your Company Have a Culture of Safety That Reduces Costs and Increases Profit?

Every manager is responsible for setting and enforcing business culture expectations. At the top of every successful company’s priority list is safety. Setting a company culture starts at the top and starts with clear policies and procedures that are supported and enforced down the line. Having the right tools to…

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